Catering Services

Providing catering services for businesses, industry and employee restaurants.

The benefits are clear; we will improve your office catering & business catering service. Working with you we will create a service specific to your needs and we never offer 'off the shelf solutions'. We can provide you with management support that gives you the benchmark for best value and the peace of mind that your catering facilities are managed professionally and efficiently.

What support do you get?

We focus on the information and support you require. As catering specialists we provide you with a comprehensive package covering food safety, health & safety, training and payroll services as well as detailed menu information highlighting our customer’s preferences.


Benefits to your workforce?

We say 'good food is healthy food' and it's important for all employers to encourage our workforce to eat healthy as a part of a healthy lifestyle. England, along with the rest of the UK, has one of the highest rates of obesity in Europe and one of the highest in the developed world. A total of 23% of adults are obese (with a body mass index – BMI – of over 30); 61.3% are either overweight or obese (with a BMI of over 25). We will create a balanced menu for your workforce discounting healthy choices encouraging them so that their food choices are healthy ones!

We want our catering teams to be happy in their work and be confident that the service we offer is of the highest quality