Keeping Operations Running Smoothly... Introducing Our New Area Support Manager

17th March 2018

In order to keep Hutchison Catering’s operations running at the best possible level, our new Area Support Manager Susie Arnold co-ordinates our activities across all our education-venue sites.

Customer-facing, Susie looks after the point-of-sale and presentation aspects of our catering service for schools, overseeing Hutchison Catering’s activities across four high schools and two primary, and managing the day-to-day running of our operations to ensure that our service meets each client’s individual needs as closely as possible at all times.

In a typical week, Susie travels between each of Hutchison’s sites, meeting the staff and students from different schools, and liaises with customers regarding any dietary requirements, menu choices, and any other deliverables which need to be factored in each day.

Susie then co-ordinates delivery through working directly with the nominated food suppliers for each site, troubleshooting any issues on the ground as and when they occur, and working with Hutchison’s own staff team to ensure complete satisfaction and on-time delivery.

Developing staff appraisals in line with company goals, she also holds the company to account with regards to the health and safety aspects of each site, and manages day-to-day staff scheduling too, setting suitable contingency plans swiftly into place if needed so that there is minimal disruption to the customer.

“I very much enjoy working with Hutchison Catering”, says Susie. “With over 20 years of experience in catering, I have worked as a waitress, cook and catering manager in many other locations, but I believe that this role to be the best yet – it is extremely valuable to be able to have such a complete overview of the service that Hutchison provides and to ensure that we are delivering on all fronts. Through my role, I have a close relationship with our customers and it is great to be able to give them an assurance first-hand that the service that we are delivering for them is the absolute best it can be.”

At Hutchison, we pride ourselves on a tailored & personalised contract catering service for each of our valued clients. Our philosophy as a family business has always been about successful relationships with our clients, our catering team and our customers – we are a ‘people company’.

We would be happy to ease your workload with supply management support, procurement support, training, health & safety auditing, food safety compliance consultancy, menu design, dietary advice and more. Please do Get in Touch today to discuss how we might be able to help.

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